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A Brief Guide to MMA Training September 25, 2017

Scarsdale, Westchester
A Brief Guide to MMA Training, Scarsdale, New York

Although traditional exercises like running and cycling get the heart pumping, they often only condition targeted areas of the body. MMA training, however, is a thrilling way to get a complete body workout. The mixed martial arts program is designed to build strength and confidence while teaching valuable self-defense skills you can use for a lifetime. Below is a brief guide to MMA training. 

3 Factors You Should Know About MMA Training

MMA Training Combines Several Martial Arts Practices 

The main goal of MMA fighting is to subdue the opponent. To do so, the sport combines wrestling and boxing techniques with defensive moves used in several forms of martial arts, including Thai kickboxing leg jabs, armbars and chokeholds from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and mental conditioning and discipline from Jeet Kune Do.

MMA Training Provides an Intense Cardio Workout 

MMA trainingWith MMA training, the body is in a continuous state of motion. Because the heart is always racing, it provides more of a cardio workout than exercising on stationary equipment. For example, wrestling and sparing in three- to five-minute rounds strengthens the heart and lungs and increases bone density, which helps build stamina.

MMA Training Helps Relieve Stress

From work commitments to personal obligations, there are several common activities that can evoke a fair amount of stress. Practicing the fighting techniques in MMA training is a safe, effective way to release pent-up aggression.


To learn the complex combination of martial arts practices used in MMA training, visit 914 Krav Maga in Scarsdale, NY. The dedicated instructors at this local school and training center will teach you the Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu skills required to become a successful MMA fighter and additional techniques to improve your mental and physical well-being. To sign up for lessons, call (914) 437-5353 today. Visit the facility online to view the class schedule, and like them on Facebook to see videos of training sessions.

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