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Colleyville Divorce Attorneys List 3 Surprising Ways Divorce Can Benefit Children October 12, 2017

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Colleyville Divorce Attorneys List 3 Surprising Ways Divorce Can Benefit Children, Colleyville, Texas

Many unhappy couples stay together, partly out of concern for their children, whom they believe will suffer irreparable psychological and emotional harm if their parents were to divorce. As pervasive as this myth may be, more recent studies indicate that separating can actually present children with significant advantages over those raised in a hostile environment. Experienced divorce attorneys understand that, in many cases, dissolving the marriage may be best for the entire family, children included.

3 Ways Divorce Benefits Children

1. Preventing Trauma

While most children, regardless of age, suffer short-term negative consequences of a parental divorce, these effects generally decrease over time. While a small minority may suffer emotional trauma and feelings of low self-esteem even years later, the damage and trauma inflicted by fighting parents in a toxic environment can be much more serious. Depending on the circumstances, children of divorcing parents may actually see psychological improvements after the separation.

2. Creating Positive Impressions

divorce attorneyWhen children are raised in unhappy environments, many develop the impression that they also do not deserve to pursue happiness or that destructive relationships are normal. In some circumstances, a divorce can create a positive example for children, giving them the opportunity to develop healthier expectations of their future relationships.

3. Developing Emotional Intelligence

Children of divorce are presented with a more challenging emotional landscape which, in many cases, leads to higher emotional intelligence and more effective coping skills. Many divorce attorneys note that, with proper parenting, children of divorce may develop more effective coping mechanisms and relationships skills than their counterparts.


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