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3 Signs You Should See a Podiatrist October 3, 2017

Forest Hills, Queens
3 Signs You Should See a Podiatrist, Queens, New York

It’s difficult to get through your daily schedule, let alone simple tasks, when you’re suffering from foot problems. Many people mistakenly believe that with a little rest, any pain or issues will go away. But when untreated, foot problems can have serious consequences. Some can lead to long-term disability, which is why it’s important to know when to see a podiatrist. With treatment and pain management, you’ll get back on your feet in no time and avoid larger complications.

3 Reasons to Make an Appointment With a Podiatrist

1. Unexplainable Pain

Unless you’ve rolled your ankle, stubbed your toe, or had another non-serious injury, foot pain should be taken seriously. If you find it difficult to walk or experience pain when pivoting, you may have a bone fracture or another underlying issue. When untreated, these injuries can become more serious, leading to potentially irreparable damage. A podiatrist can properly diagnose the cause of the pain and recommend surgery or pain management therapy to fix the problem.

2. Ingrown Toenails

Toenail-related issues may not seem like an emergency, but when they’re allowed to progress, they open the door for other problems. Ingrown toenails are a common issue and can range from being bothersome to extremely painful. While they aren’t life-threatening, as the wound grows, it can become infected. This can lead to more serious outcomes, which is why a podiatrist should be consulted for surgery.

3. Swelling & Numbness

pain managementUnexplained swelling on any part of the body should always deserve attention, and the feet are no exception. If your foot, toes, or ankle swells or becomes numb for no reason, it can signify a number of conditions. It may only be a simple injury, but the side effects are also associated with diabetes, bone fractures, and tendon damage. The safest decision is to have a podiatrist investigate to rule out any serious issues.


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