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What is Water Jet Cutting? September 26, 2017

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
What is Water Jet Cutting?, Ewa, Hawaii

In recent years, water jet cutting has emerged as a cutting-edge technique to yield precise metal fabrication designs. As the name suggests, this method employs water to cut through materials and create customized patterns. With help from the experts at a local fabrication company, you can learn about this technology in further detail.

The History of Water Jet Cutting

Introduced in the 1950s by Dr. Norman Franz, the earliest forms of water cutting technology were used to slice through wood. However, it was in the 1970s that the versatility of water jet cutting applied to industrial purposes.

Water Jet CuttingModern devices used for water jet cutting employ a precise stream of water mixed with an abrasive material to cut through metal, glass and more. The precision of water jet cutting allows for detailed designs on materials that would otherwise be hard to cut.

Experts on Types of Water Cutting

The types of water jet cutting are distinguished by the cutter attachment it employs. A  pure water jet fares well with softer textures like foam, cloth, rubber, and food. This technology pushes pressurized water through a narrow opening to maintain absolute precision. Working at 2.5 times the speed of sound, it has the potential to produce bulk results with a fast turnaround time.

Abrasive water cutting, on the other hand, is ideal for creating customized designs with materials that are otherwise hard to shape. Experts usually employ it to manufacture tailor-made designs out of thick glass, hard metals, and concrete slab. These jets can be used to cut intricate mechanical parts, drill holes in metal beams and more.


Employing a 5-axis abrasive water jet cutting system, Pac Pro Hawaii offers precise, professional results. The state-of-the-art technology at this Kapolei, HI, company enables them to produce designs out of a variety of materials, including titanium, copper, rubber, and glass. For further information about their services, call (808) 682-0404 or visit their website.

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