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FAQs About Installing a New Chimney Liner September 25, 2017

Columbia, Howard
FAQs About Installing a New Chimney Liner, Columbia, Maryland

Having a fireplace in your home can provide comfort and warmth, but it requires care and maintenance; often, installing a new chimney liner is one of the best ways to ensure your fireplace works safely. Columbia Chimney Sweeps in Columbia, MD, knows that chimney liner installation can be a bit confusing, so they’ve compiled answers to a few of the most common questions customers ask. 

FAQs About Chimney Liner Installation & Maintenance

Why Do I Need a New Chimney Liner? 

One reason you may need a new chimney liner installed is that you don’t have one in the first place (many older fireplaces don’t) and you need one to ensure it remains safe. The clay or tile lining of your chimney may also be degraded, putting you at risk of fires. Installing a new liner will help ensure that your clay, tile or brick flue will be able to accommodate your stove or other wood-burning fixture. 

How Does a Professional Install a New Liner? 

chimney-linerSometimes, a chimney liner can be installed by sliding it into place in your flue. However, they often will need to be installed by taking apart your masonry flue, a complicated process better left to professionals.  

How Will a Chimney Liner Affect My
Fireplace’s Performance? 

Installing a new chimney liner that is the right size for your stove or fireplace will allow smoke to vent properly. A liner can also improve your fixture’s performance and increase your energy efficiency. 

What Material is the Liner? 

Chimney liners are made of insulated stainless steel, which is resistant to the corrosive gasses that will be going up your flue. These liners come in different strengths of stainless steel, so be sure to discuss your options with a reliable chimney repair professional before selecting a liner. 

If your house was built before 1950, or if you’re unsure whether you have a chimney liner, contact a chimney repair expert to find out.
Since 1989, the professionals at Columbia Chimney Sweeps have been helping the residents of Columbia, MD, with their chimneys. To learn more about chimney liners and repairs, contact them today by calling (410) 997-3181 or visit them online for a full selection of products and services. 

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