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5 Benefits of Having an Alarm System September 20, 2017

Conway, Faulkner
5 Benefits of Having an Alarm System , Conway, Arkansas

The safety of your home or business is not something to leave up to chance. Having a reliable alarm system installed could keep your property and its inhabitants protected in numerous ways. As a leading provider of security systems in Russellville, AR, Digital Alarm Systems is here to explain more.

When you opt to have an alarm system installed in your home or business, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Quicker Emergency Response: Alarm systems with 24/7 monitoring are built to alert local responders in the event your home or building is burglarized or experiences a fire. As such, you can rest assured knowing emergency responders will arrive if you’re not there or can’t reach the phone. 
  • alarm systemTheft Deterrent: Often, the sight of a security camera may be enough to deter trespassers and thieves. Even if someone attempts to enter, the alarm will sound, and police will be notified immediately.
  • Remote Monitoring: Leaving your home or business for an extended period can be stressful, but with a surveillance system, you can monitor your property in real-time no matter where you are. Thus, you can keep an eye on things anytime — from anywhere.
  • Insurance Savings: Some homeowners’ insurance companies offer savings to people who have security systems installed on their property. Investing in a home security system could reduce your premium by up to 20%.
  • Safety Notifications: Alarms can also be configured to detect extreme temperature variations, gas leaks, and smoke from fires. This will allow you to avoid frozen pipes, identify carbon monoxide issues, and alert authorities in the event of a fire.

If you’re considering an alarm system for your Russellville area home or business, allow the team from Digital Alarm Systems to help. With the latest technology and a broad range of security options, their company is committed to helping residents and business owners keep their property safe against any threat. To receive an estimate, call (479) 970-6798. You can also visit Digital Alarm Systems online to learn more about their products and services.