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Buffalo Auto Maintenance Service Explains Why Oil Changes Are Important September 19, 2017

Buffalo, Wright
Buffalo Auto Maintenance Service Explains Why Oil Changes Are Important, Buffalo, Minnesota

Oil changes are a common auto maintenance service every vehicle owner knows about, but not many individuals understand why the process is necessary. The professionals at Buffalo Collision Repair stress the importance of routine oil changes, but they also think every driver should be educated on the reasoning behind such suggestions. To explain in more detail, the Wright County, MN, professionals outline why oil changes are so important and explain how often you should schedule them.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

While it may seem like a simple service, regular oil changes are vital to the performance of your entire system. Oil serves as the primary lubricant for your engine, and, without it, the friction of the various moving components can cause the system to overheat, as well as chip and break apart.

Auto Maintenance Services: Why Are Oil Changes Important? | Buffalo Collision Repair in Buffalo, MNThe auto maintenance service also reduces the risk of sludge and solids within the system. When the oil is left in the engine for long periods, it can begin to thicken and build up on various parts. Such a situation limits the overall functionality of the engine and creates an enhanced possibility of solid particles moving through the system and creating damage or clogs. The resulting costly repairs can be easily avoided by replacing the old solution and filter regularly.

How Often Should You Schedule the Auto Maintenance Service?

There used to be a suggestion that all vehicles should receive an old change every three months or 3,000 miles, but the evolution of high-performance engines and synthetic oil blends has nullified it. Auto mechanics now recommend following the manufacturer's time frame proposal for your specific vehicle, but, when you're in doubt, don't be afraid to stop by and ask your mechanic to inspect your system for verification.

When it's time for your next oil change, choose a shop you can trust. Buffalo Collision Repair is known for their impeccable work, reasonable prices, and great customer service. From collision repair to auto maintenance services, the team of technicians takes the loyalty of their customers seriously, which is why they offer a free loaner car with every service. Schedule your service by contacting the team online or calling (763) 682-3135.

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