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3 Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants as an Alternative to Dentures October 4, 2017

Aiea, Ewa
3 Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants as an Alternative to Dentures, Ewa, Hawaii

Dentures are partial or full replacements for missing teeth that can be taken out of your mouth. While this type of dental treatment does help a person speak and eat more comfortably, they can start to loosen or shift over time, and they will never look as natural as real teeth. If you’re reluctant to wear dentures, the friendly cosmetic dentists at Aloha Dental Laboratory in Aiea, HI, say you may want to consider a dental implant procedure as an alternative.

Below, they share a few of the benefits of choosing a dental implant procedure as an alternative to dentures:

  • Comfort: Dentures can cause sore areas around the mouth under where they are placed. Because dental implants take the place of a missing tooth, you don’t have to worry about any pain or discomfort. And since they are made to fuse with the bone, they will not slip out by accident.
  • dental implantAesthetic Appearance: Removable dentures are a functional replacement for missing teeth; however they don’t look natural. Dental implants are designed to look and feel the same as your normal teeth. This helps to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile.  
  • Bone Growth: One of the main disadvantages of dentures is the deterioration of the jawbone structure over time, making them more difficult to wear due to the loss of support from the bone ridge. Fortunately, dental implants aid in bone stimulation and growth just as your natural teeth do.

If you are missing some of your teeth and wondering if a dental implant procedure is right for you, turn to the friendly dentists at Aloha Dental Laboratory. The premier practice offers high-quality cosmetic dentistry treatments to help restore your stunning smile, including implants, teeth whitening, custom dentures, and crowns. Call (808) 947-2877 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website for more information.

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