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3 Ways to Protect Your Pet From the Heat March 12, 2018

Prairie du Chien, Crawford
3 Ways to Protect Your Pet From the Heat, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

The winter months may be winding down, which means there are plenty of hot days to come. Your pet can feel the heat, just like you do, but they can’t tell you when they’re getting overheated. Check out these tips to help protect your pet from visiting a veterinarian for heatstroke or other serious issues.

How to Protect Your Pet in the Heat

1. Never Leave Your Animal in the Car

If you only read one tip to protect your pet from the heat, this is it. Your car’s temperature can rise 20 degrees within 10 minutes, and it only grows hotter from there. Your pet can get heatstroke or even die in a hot car, but it’s easily preventable by never leaving your pet alone in the car. Even with the windows down, the temperature can get dangerously hot, putting your beloved pet at risk.

2. Avoid Hot Surfaces

veterinarianYour pet’s feet can be sensitive to hot surfaces, especially asphalt, which stores heat. As a shoe-wearing human, you might not think about it, but, before you let your pet walk on a potentially hot surface, place your hand on it for eight seconds. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your pet’s feet.

3. Offer Plenty of Fresh Water

Keep ample fresh water out for your pet at home, in multiple places that are easily accessible. If you are traveling with your pet, bring bottled water and a bowl so you can offer them a drink whenever you stop for a bathroom break. Even if you’re taking a walk to the park, make sure you have a plan for offering your pet water if they need it. Ask your veterinarian how much water to keep on hand for traveling with your breed.


Ask your veterinarian for breed-specific tips to get you through the hot days. Tender Care Animal Hospital in Prairie du Chien, WI, offers exceptional veterinary care for small animals. From routine pet exams to emergency veterinarian care, you’ll find compassionate, comprehensive services at an affordable price. Their highly trained, state-certified staff will treat your pet like family. Call them at (608) 326-7101 or contact them online to schedule your appointment.

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