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5 Tips for Winterizing Your Pool October 2, 2017

St. Charles, St. Charles
5 Tips for Winterizing Your Pool , St. Charles, Missouri

If you own a swimming pool, it needs to be properly prepared to withstand the harsh weather of winter. If you don't winterize properly, you may find a sludgy green pond full of debris when you open it up next year. To prevent this, set aside time at the end of the season to get the necessary pool supplies and complete these steps.

5 Pool Closing Tips for Winter

1. Remove Pool Equipment

Any accessories, including skimmer baskets, wall fittings, solar blankets, pool supplies, and ladders, should be taken out and stored securely for the winter. Make sure each item is properly drained, any hoses are coiled neatly, and everything is put where it won't be damaged.

2. Clean the Pool

Skim, vacuum, and brush your pool thoroughly to remove as much sediment and debris as possible. Anything you leave behind will decay over the winter and become much harder to remove.

3. Treat the Water

Pool SuppliesThis is the last time to use your pool supplies before spring. Shock the water with chlorine to kill off invasive algae and bacteria. You'll need to leave time between a chlorine treatment and the actual closure of the pool so the chlorine won't damage your cover. Once the chlorine has dissipated, add a floater full of algaecide to keep the water clear through winter.

4. Drain the Water

You don't want to empty the water completely, but you should lower the water level to make room for the cover. A mesh cover requires the water level to be 12 to 18 inches below the skimmer, while heavier covers need three feet of space or more. There are exceptions for above-ground pools with a skimmer cover and some vinyl-lined types.

5. Cover the Pool

Once the pool is cleaned, accessories are removed, and the water is balanced, cover it up. Apply the cover following the manufacturer's directions, and make sure it's positioned correctly and secured tightly to protect your pool through winter.


If you need more advice on winterizing your pool or spa, contact Watson's today. We provide a wide selection of indoor and outdoor home entertainment solutions, including hot tub and pool supplies, leather furniture, arcade games, pool tables, and more. For questions about our inventory, call (513) 326-1100 or contact us online.

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