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3 Factors to Look for When Purchasing Used Tires From an Auto Salvage Yard September 13, 2017

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3 Factors to Look for When Purchasing Used Tires From an Auto Salvage Yard, Russellville, Arkansas

If you’re on a tight budget or missing a spare tire, purchasing a used set from an auto salvage yard is a practical way to save money. However, you shouldn’t select the first complete set you see. It’s important to know how to identify whether they’re high-quality or unsafe tires. That’s why the experts at Barefield’s Auto Salvage in Russellville, AR, share this guide to help you better understand the safest way to purchase used tires.

Buying Used Tires From an Auto Salvage Yard

1. Aging

A quick glance at your potential tires won’t give you an accurate approximation of their age. Instead, thoroughly inspect for signs that indicate they’re more than six years old. Check the Tire Identification Number, which is on the outside of the tire wall. Look for the letters DOT followed by a string of numbers. Ignore the first digits and make a note of the next four; they represent a two-digit week number follow by the year. If the tire is more than six years old, it’s not worth your money.

2. Tread Wear

auto salvage yardMeasure how deep the grooves of the tires are to evaluate tread wear. Taking a penny, stick it in the groove and note how much of the coin sticks out above the tire’s surface. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, the tread is too worn. You can also measure the tread with a gauge for a more accurate idea; in this case, most tires require a depth of at least 6/32 inches.

3. Damage

Finally, look for any signs of damage to the tire. Check for cracks along the sides and between treads, as this can indicate dry rot. Then, note any large punctures, especially near the sides. Additionally, you should examine the inside. If you see any exposed cords or other damage to the inner liner, the tires are not safe.

Whenever you’re searching for used car parts, Barefield’s Auto Salvage is the perfect place to look in Pope County, AR. These experts offer a wide variety of options at affordable prices. And, by taking the time to thoroughly examine each potential purchase, you will be confident in your safety. If you have any questions, feel free to call this auto salvage yard at (479) 967-3109, and visit them online to view their inventory.

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