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Excavating Contractor Lists 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Homesite September 18, 2017

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Excavating Contractor Lists 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Homesite, Sunman, Indiana

There are many factors to consider when building your dream home. One primary concern is choosing the best homesite within your property, as this decision will affect not just your family’s daily lives but also the value of the house.

Leading excavating contractors recommend keeping the following in mind when choosing a homesite:

  • Site Evaluation: Consider the topography and take note of the size, orientation, slope, and microclimate of the site. Surveying can help identify construction-limiting factors, such as soil condition and other environmental constraints. It determines whether the ground is stable for surfacing, foundation, and proper drainage.

  • Zoning Laws: Zoning is a legal requirement that determines the parts of the land where you can build on as well as the form and scale of buildings. This includes the building height, size, materials, and distance from property lines. It also tells you how much landscaped space or impervious surface is allowed.

  • Energy Options: Keep utilities in mind when choosing a homesite. The cost to run power to your home could take up a significant portion of your budget. You should ask for an estimate early on to help with your planning. Additionally, consider the possibilities for alternative forms of power, such as solar, wind, and geothermal energy.

  • excavating contractorsLocation Features: If privacy is a priority, observe the proximity of your neighbors. Take a look at what the outdoor space can offer. Families with young kids can benefit more from a site that is in within short distance of neighborhood parks, grocery stores, and a good school district. 

  • Excavation Costs: How much will it cost to excavate the site? The service provided by excavating contractors is a necessary step before laying the foundation and installing the electrical and plumbing system. It involves inspection, land clearing, and soil testing. 


Rely on David Gunter Excavating in Sunman, IN, to have your construction site cleared. These excavating contractors serve both residential and commercial clients for site development. They also offer building demolition, general bulldozing, and pond building and repair. Call them at (812) 569-7989 or visit their Facebook page for more information.

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