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What to Do When a Dispute Arises Over Wills & Trusts September 21, 2017

Wisconsin Rapids, Wood
What to Do When a Dispute Arises Over Wills & Trusts, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

When family members lose a loved one, emotions run high during the subsequent probate law proceedings. Everyone has their own opinion regarding the fairest way to distribute the deceased’s assets, and it is not uncommon for disputes to arise regarding wills and trusts. Arguments vary, but knowing about the common issues and how best to handle them will help you find a resolution as quickly and civilly as possible.

What Kinds of Disputes Are Most Common?

wills and trustsBeneficiaries often argue over the terms of a trust if they’re not clear, concise, and transparent. It is also common for disputes to arise over the mere existence of a document if family members, executors, or trustees believe there’s something to gain from suppressing them. Other notable issues include accounting, forgery allegations, elder abuse, and questions about its validity.

How Should Our Family Proceed If Facing a Dispute?

Every estate is different, as is every family. There are essentially thousands of possible disputes that can arise over wills and trusts, and there is no way to predict and avoid them all. If your family is facing an issue despite your efforts to mitigate it, you should call an attorney who practices probate law. Whether a document is open to interpretation or a family member suspects foul play, for instance, a lawyer will either resolve uncertainties or bring individuals to court to reveal information about the estate planning documents under oath.


If you are facing an estate planning issue in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, contact Metcalf & Quinn. A compassionate attorney from their firm will assess the details of the dispute and help you determine the best way to proceed. To learn more about their experience resolving problems about wills and trusts, visit their website. Call (715) 423-1940 to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer today.