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5 Methods to Detect Roof Leaks September 13, 2017

Northeast Cobb, Cobb
5 Methods to Detect Roof Leaks, Northeast Cobb, Georgia

A roof leak can be a troublesome reality for homeowners, but ignoring it will lead to more extensive — and expensive — damage down the road. To prevent water damage and the need for substantial repairs, pinpoint where the water is coming from as soon as possible. Specializing in comprehensive roof repairs for more than 35 years, Frank’s Roofing Solutions in Marietta, GA, highlights some of the best ways to spot a leak.

5 Tips for Finding Roof Leaks

1. Look Near Joints  

roof leakA common spot for leaks to form is any area of the roof where a joint was made, such as around a vent, skylight, or chimney. Inspect the flashing around these objects to see if there’s a place for water to trickle in.

2. Assess the Attic

If you notice condensation or mold in your attic, there is likely a moisture issue caused by roof damage. One easy way to spot the problem is to scan the room with a flashlight during a storm; the light will illuminate any drops of water.

3. Conduct a Post-Storm Roof Inspection

When heavy rain or high winds batter your home, take a look at the roof after the storm is over. Missing shingles can present the risk of a leak unless repaired immediately.

4. Follow the Stain  

Yellow or brown spots on the ceiling — or walls — indicate water damage. To find out what’s causing the problem, follow the stain until you reach an opening.

5. Spray It Down  

If you can’t find a leak using the above techniques, you might need to recreate the problem using a garden hose. Recruit another person to help you with this job, and have them slowly and carefully trickle water around the suspected leak area. While your helper controls the hose, watch from the inside. You can trace the water back to the opening once it starts dripping.

Looking for and fixing leaks can be difficult, especially if your property has multiple potential sources. That’s why the specialists at Frank’s Roofing Solutions offer complete inspections to check the entire surface for weak or open areas. And, if they spot any problems, this award-winning Cobb County roofer will provide reliable repairs and roof replacements at competitive rates. To request an inspection or an estimate, contact a team member at (678) 881-0001.

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