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How Safe Are Dental X-Rays? Local General Dentistry Practice Weighs In September 22, 2017

Diamond Head - Kapahulu - St. Louis, Honolulu
How Safe Are Dental X-Rays? Local General Dentistry Practice Weighs In, Honolulu, Hawaii

Your yearly dental X-rays are an important part of your general dentistry care. They are as vital to your oral health as your bi-annual cleanings and exam. X-rays allow your dentist to detect tooth decay, bone loss, tumors, abscesses, and any changes that might occur in roots of your teeth. Early detection allows your dentist to address these issues before tooth loss occurs. But do the benefits of dental X-rays outweigh the risks posed by exposure to radiation?

The answer is a resounding YES! Annual bitewing X-rays expose patients to a minimal amount of radiation, about the same amount you might experience on a one- or two-hour flight. Better still, hygienists and dentists have been trained in safety practices that ensure patients are protected. First, most practices take as few images as possible to minimize exposure to you and their staff. Second, patients are draped in a lead apron that protects their body.

general dentistryBut what about children and pregnant women? Children are indeed more sensitive to radiation. However, the minimal amount of radiation involved in general dentistry X-rays is considered safe by the American Dental Association. The constantly growing and changing jaws of children make their yearly X-rays even more important so misalignment can be corrected early. Women who may be pregnant should tell their dentist, who will likely recommend avoiding X-rays just to be cautious.

The best way to minimize your exposure to radiation is to avoid unnecessary X-rays or scans. General dentistry X-rays are necessary in preserving your oral health, but if you are concerned about repeated exposure, talk to your dentist or family physician.


The team at Kaimuki Dental Group is Honolulu’s source for preventative and restorative dentistry. The long-term health and preservation of your teeth is their priority, and they take a conservative approach to protect your natural teeth. You will appreciate their staff’s commitment to customer care and integrity when it comes to caring for your dental health. Call (808) 737-7905 or request your general dentistry appointment online today.

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