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Selecting a General Contractor September 13, 2017

Makiki - Lower Punchbowl - Tantalus, Honolulu
Selecting a General Contractor, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whenever you are building a new home or remodeling the one you are living in, selecting the right General Contractor is the key to getting the job done efficiently and on time.  It’s worth taking the time to understand how to find the right General Contractor.  Doing so can spell the difference between a project that runs smoothly or a project filled with CHANGE ORDERS.general contractor

Three qualities to look for in a General Contractor.

A Responsible Bids: Going with the lowest bid may seem like an attractive idea, but contractors who go exceeding low are usually not worth the effort.  Many General Contractors submit a proposal that they think will get them the project. Once selected, they will then figure out how to make a profit.  These contractors are basically guessing.  They are generally contractors that are unlicensed.  The responsible bid is one that the owner can afford and all participants make a reasonable profit.  If the process is done correctly the process will eliminate the need for CHANGE ORDERS.

A team of Professionals & Sub-Contractors is essential <image001.jpg> A General Contractor who works with a team of Professionals & Sub-Contractors may seem like a red flag.  However, when the Owner, Architect, Engineers, and Sub-Contractors work together in the design process, misunderstandings are drastically reduced, and the project runs smoothly because everyone knows what is required of them before the project begins. When this occurs a true cost can be established and a responsible bid can be determined.

Any reputable General Contractor who has done the research needed to do a project would have no qualms in giving the Owner a Detailed Estimate.  The format of the Estimate used by Heeia Construction Company can be found on our Web-Site.  We recommend that the owner require all Contractors he is considering, to submit their estimates using this format.  With this format the owner will have all the information needed to select the best proposal

If you are considering building a new home or a home remodeling project, Heeia Construction Company a licensed General Contractor in Honolulu, HI will be happy by implementing cost-effective strategies to help your dream home come true.  Heeia Construction Company has served Oahu proudly for over 20 years and continues to exceed expectations with their honesty, dedication and their commitment to eliminating the dreaded CHANGE ORDER.  Call (808) 721-5199 to schedule a free consultation today or visit our WEBSITE for more information about the company. online.

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