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Revamp Your Style With Men’s Accessories From Over Under Clothing September 27, 2017

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
Revamp Your Style With Men’s Accessories From Over Under Clothing, Jacksonville East, Florida

It’s often said the accessories make the outfit. When you shop at Over Under Clothing, purveyors of fine American clothes, you’ll immediately see their men’s accessories aren’t merely complements to an outfit, but standout style stars in their own right. What makes these belts, wallets, jewelry, bags, and neckwear so special? It’s all in the details. Read on to discover new ways to give your wardrobe a boost with just a few key pieces.

5 Men’s Accessories to Update Your Style

1. The Tote Bag

Once upon a time, handbags were more closely associated with women’s styles. Today you’ll find this key accessory in his wardrobe, too—and rightfully so. Over Under Clothing designs a range of hip carryalls made in a variety of materials, including sumptuous distressed leather and tough, stylish canvas. Choose your material based on your lifestyle. Do you regularly carry heavy loads and find yourself negotiating busy sidewalks daily? A canvas bag will handle your work or campus essentials with ease. If you’re in it simply for the style factor, leather adds debonair class to any look.

2. The Wallet

Just like everything else at Over Under Clothing, the company’s wallets are all made in America. The fine craftsmanship is evident in everything from the intricate whipstitching to the buttery leather. You have a choice of front-pocket wallets here, too, which is essential if you’re concerned about security or simply prefer to keep your cash close at hand. You’ll find their handsome wallets in a range of warm, whiskey-like hues.

3. The Bow Tie

You may own a necktie or two, but there’s something special about a bow tie that has the potential to elevate your formal wardrobe to the next level. Why not make a statement with one of the company’s stylish bow ties? They’re made of pure silk and are available in several fun, quirky styles.

4. The Hat

men's accessoriesWhether you characterize yourself as sporty or suave, chances are you’ll find the ideal hat in the mix at Over Under Clothing. Essential to any men’s accessories collection, hats are effortless, relaxed, and perfect to wear on a breezy day. These baseball caps celebrate their American heritage with great style and a comfortable fit. They’re available in all styles, from preppy stripes adorned with collies to camouflage etched with the company logo.

5. The Belt

Though belts are usually thought of as primarily functional, Over Under Clothing proves they can make quite a style statement of their own, too. You’ll find beautiful pieces crafted of polished leather. Some are classic, while others promise to shake up your wardrobe with fun patterns and bold colors. If your go-to warm weather look is a pair of khaki shorts and a T-shirt, adding one of these belts to the equation is an easy way to break up the monotony.

At Over Under Clothing, men’s accessories aren’t just an afterthought! They’ll add serious head-turning style to your look and break you out of a style rut. Visit the company’s website to view their American clothing, gear, and accessories, or give them a call at (904) 619-0577 to speak with a friendly team member today.

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