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Why Liberty Safes Are the Best Option for Your Gun Storage September 12, 2017

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Why Liberty Safes Are the Best Option for Your Gun Storage, Barnesville, Ohio

Choosing the right gun safe is extremely important to help protect you and your family. When considering your options, you should consider your needs and your situation. However, knowing what to choose can be difficult, especially with all of the different brands and features available. Luckily, Flag Floors of Barnesville, located in Barnesville, OH, is happy to guide you in the direction of their most recommended options: Liberty Safes. Here, they’ve put together a guide to all the benefits of these products.

Why You Should Choose Liberty Safes

High-Quality Product

liberty safesWith almost 30 years of experience, this manufacturer is the top choice throughout the nation. These experts regularly invest in their workers and equipment to create a product that is high-quality and reliable. Plus, customers can choose from over 30 models of safes, all of which incorporate top-notch security and fire protection. Liberty Safes proudly boast a 98% customer satisfaction rate, so you can feel confident that you’ll be happy with the product.

Customer Support

Beyond the safes themselves, customer support goes a long way in keeping you happy. Should you have any issues with the safe or want to ask a question, it’s important to be able to reach out to the manufacturer and receive a prompt response. That’s why Liberty Safes offers customer support through telephone, email, or direct mail services — so that you can reach them no matter what.

Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase one of these safes, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a lifetime warranty. If your unit experiences any fire damage or an attempted break-in, this company will gladly ship you a replacement at no cost. And, if you experience any problems with the door mechanism, Liberty will happily send someone to fix it for you.

If you’re considering purchasing a gun safe, it’s important to make the right decision. Between the desire to protect your family and your property, Liberty safes can deliver on all fronts. With their high-quality product and knowledgeable Customer Service Team, this safe is the best option for you. If you have any questions regarding your gun safe options, Flag Floors will be happy help. Feel free to give them a call at (740) 425-3344. You can also check out their other services, like insurance restoration and custom cabinets online.