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5 Tips for Reducing Back Pain During Road Trips September 21, 2017

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5 Tips for Reducing Back Pain During Road Trips, Archdale, North Carolina

If you suffer from chronic back pain, road trips can be pretty uncomfortable. That’s why the professionals at Stroud Chiropractic in Archdale, NC, hope to offer tips for patients who want to feel better in the car. If you need more involved treatment, these chiropractors offer spinal adjustments designed to optimize your comfort side effects.

5 Tips to Reduce Back Pain During Road Trips

1. Take Breaks

Back-PainSitting in the same position for a long time can put undue strain on your back. Whenever you have the opportunity, get out of the vehicle and stretch. If possible, take breaks every half an hour. Find the locations of rest stops on your route beforehand, so you can plan breaks more consistently.

2. Pack Cold Compresses

Keep a cold compress or pack in a cooler during your road trip, and apply it to your back whenever you need pain relief. The cold temperatures will reduce inflammation, alleviating your pain as well.

3. Make the Ride Smooth

If you’re not operating the vehicle during a road trip, place a pillow behind your back so the ride is more comfortable. You might also wish to replace your tires and have your suspension checked before going on the trip to ensure the drive is as comfortable as possible.

4. Keep Your Feet Planted

When your feet are firmly planted on the ground, your back is better-supported, resulting in less pain. Before starting a drive, make any necessary adjustments to your seat.

5. Pack Over-the-Counter Pain Medicine

Although you should contact a chiropractor to learn more about addressing the source of your pain, in the meantime, over-the-counter medicines provide temporary relief during road trips.

If you’re experiencing back pain, see a chiropractor before taking any lengthy trips in the car. At Stroud Chiropractic Clinic in Archdale, NC, they’ll correct underlying problems and offer suggestions, so you can avoid discomfort during your vacation. Contact them online to learn more about scheduling an appointment, or call (336) 434-2107.

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