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3 Advantages of a Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling System September 12, 2017

East Hampton North, East Hampton
3 Advantages of a Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling System, East Hampton, New York

As inclement weather approaches, utilizing your cooling and heating system shifts from comfort to necessity. Though many people welcome the transition of the seasons, the added costs that go along with them aren’t a plus. If it’s time to get a new HVAC system, consider a Mitsubishi Electric® multi-zone heating & cooling system. 

Top 3 Reasons to Opt for a Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling System

1. You’re in Control

Multi-Zone HeatingUnfortunately, some rooms are naturally colder or hotter than others. It can be incredibly uncomfortable when this happens, especially if you use those spaces frequently. However, with Mitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solutions, you can adjust each room’s temperature individually to match your comfort. Instead of heating the entire house, you can crank the temp in the room you’re in. Additionally, you can adjust your multi-zone heating and cooling unit on the go with Mitsubishi Electric’s convenient Smart Control® app. There’s no need to come home to a freezing or sweltering home again.

2. Installation Is Simple

Most people think multi-zone heating and cooling is a massive undertaking, but it's mostly electronics. Specialty thermostats tie into your home’s cooling and heating system and read the temperatures in individual rooms rather than in a central location. Talk to your Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor to discuss the easiest installation methods for your home.

3. It Helps You Save

These systems allow for even temperature distribution throughout your home. When you aren’t cooling and heating rooms you don’t need, you can save on your monthly utility bill. Multi-zone methods allow you to customize your HVAC needs beyond traditional “on” or “off” systems to help you save money.


For almost 45 years, the experienced HVAC professionals at Grant Heating & Cooling of East Hampton, NY, have helped Suffolk County choose efficient HVAC system options to save time and money. If you want more information about how a multi-zone heating and cooling system can benefit you, speak to one of the pros at Grant Heating & Cooling. Call (631) 324-0679 or visit online.

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