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Senior Care: 3 Questions About Dementia Answered October 16, 2017

Denver, Denver
Senior Care: 3 Questions About Dementia Answered, Denver, Colorado

If you have an elderly loved one, it’s only natural to worry about health conditions like dementia. Patients with this condition often require constant senior care, and it can be challenging to make sure they have what they need to live their best life. Since dementia can often be difficult to understand and navigate, it’s essential for you to know all you can about it. To help you learn the important facts about dementia, let’s review some commonly asked questions about this condition.

3 Questions About Dementia

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is a chronic disorder that primarily affects a person’s memory and brain function. In those with dementia, cognitive function is so severely damaged that it affects day-to-day life. A person afflicted with the condition may not be able to remember important information, how to care for themselves, or what to do in an emergency situation, and therefore will often require constant care.

What Are the Risk Factors for Dementia?

senior careAge and genetics are the biggest risk factors for dementia, but there are other ones too. Having a pre-existing cognitive disorder may put your elderly loved one at a greater risk of developing the condition, and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol consumption are also considered risk factors. Those who have heart conditions, are obese, or have diabetes may also be at a higher risk.

What Are the Symptoms of Dementia?

Those with dementia often experience memory loss, impaired reasoning, difficulty concentrating and language and visual impairments. In the initial stages, these symptoms may seem like one-offs but as the disorder progresses, the symptoms can become more severe.


The professionals at HomeWell Senior Care of Metro Denver are always on hand to help you care for your elderly loved ones. To learn more about dementia and long-term senior care, contact them at (303) 952-9686. You can also visit them online for more information about their services.

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