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5 Bass Fishing Lures You Shouldn’t Be Without September 21, 2017

Windsor Locks, Hartford County
5 Bass Fishing Lures You Shouldn’t Be Without, Windsor Locks, Connecticut

There are too many bass fishing lures for even the most devoted anglers to keep track of. However, you don’t have to purchase every new lure that comes on the market; you just need the ones that have been proven to provide consistency. Below are some tried-and-true favorites every bass fisherman should keep in their tackle box.

The Top 5 Bass Fishing Lures

1. Strike King Hack Attack Swim Jig®

There are few, if any, times of the year when a jig won’t come in handy for bass fishing. They do well for catching bass in temperatures as cold as 40 degrees Fahrenheit and as hot as 90 degrees. Swim jigs like the Hack Attack are currently one of the more popular baits used by professionals. They use a lighter hook and weed guard and “jig” through the water column in a similar manner to a spinnerbait or lipless crank.

2. Zoom Bait Company MAG II Worm®

Your bass fishing gear is not complete without a good selection of plastic worms, and the MAG II has a decades-long reputation for being one of the best on the market. These incredibly lifelike worms are super attractive to bass in practically any type of condition, and they tend to perform best when configured in a Texas Rig, which consists of a hook, the worm, and bullet weights. 

3. Lucky Craft Blade Cross® 

bass fishing windsor locks ctThe design of this bass fishing lure might look odd, but it’s unique combination of a twitchbait profile and a spinnerbait arm makes it pretty impressive when used over grass beds or hard covers. It also features premium components and has incredibly lifelike hardbait colors and detailing.

4. Strike King Red Eye Shad®

This gold-tinged, lipless crankbait is a necessary lure for fishing in shallow waters during the fall. It is designed with a tungsten sound chamber that creates a double-tap resonance to draw fish in. Plus, it has been thoroughly tested by tournament anglers, including 2011 Bassmaster Classic winner Kevin VanDam, so you know it is a must have.

5. Koppers LiveTarget Frog®

Bass fisherman love this weedless, topwater float because it is known for catching big fish. The hooks are hidden behind the hollow body and are only exposed when the bass bites down. This makes it an excellent bait option for the heaviest covers, which happen to be where the large-sized bass are often hiding.


When you want more expert advice on the best bass fishing lures and other equipment to increase the size of your catch, contact David Santos Fishing in Windsor Locks, CT. David is a celebrated tournament angler and is sponsored by some of the best brands in the business, including Forage Lures®, X-Zone Lures®, and Liquid Mayhem®. To learn more about upcoming tournaments and fishing gear, call (860) 869-7722, or check out his gallery on his website.

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