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Hobby Shop-Approved Maintenance Tips for RC Cars September 19, 2017

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Hobby Shop-Approved Maintenance Tips for RC Cars, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, collecting RC cars from your local hobby shop is an exciting and entertaining hobby. But to get the most out of your ride, regular maintenance is key. There are several steps you should take before, during, and after excursions to keep it in optimum condition. 

Hobby Shop’s Guide to Keeping RC Cars in Excellent Shape 

Inspect the Details 

Double-check your car’s minor components before you embark on any adventurous runs. Start with a visual inspection of its wiring and screws—they should be properly in place and fully secure to survive any high speeds or sudden turns.

Check Vital Parts 

hobby shopThe motor is a crucial part of your RC car’s longevity. This and the slipper gear should be fully aligned, and the mesh should be tight and secure. If the mesh is too loose, your car may suffer from power loss. After a run, discharge your batteries completely before you charge them up again. This habit will keep them operating longer and more efficiently.

Know Your Car

Just like you wouldn’t run a model train without a track, don’t use your new RC car without preparing first. You should familiarize yourself with its top speed and turning angle and use tires that match your area’s terrain. Operating with the wrong tires could cause unnecessary tread wear, which will cost you more money down the line. 

Similarly, its shocks should be adjusted in accordance with the conditions you plan to drive it in. These parts will help your car handle jumps, which should be approached in a straight line with the tires facing forward. Only accelerate in the air if you’re a skilled driver.


Whether you’re a fan of RC cars or train sets, you’ll find all the parts you need to maintain their condition at Rail & Sprue Hobbies. Located in Jacksonville, AR, this hobby shop is a family-owned business that has been servicing the area for nearly 20 years. Contact them today by calling (501) 982-6836. Or, visit their Facebook page.

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