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Spruce Up Your Property With These 4 Landscaping Trends September 12, 2017

Harrisburg, Cabarrus
Spruce Up Your Property With These 4 Landscaping Trends, Harrisburg, North Carolina

Is your landscaping in need of an upgrade? Whether you want to update your garden to include new plants or are looking to brighten up your front yard,  learning this year’s landscaping trends can help you decide on a specific layout. Below, the expert gardeners at 1st Place Turf in Concord, NC, share four design tips and how they can enhance the appearance of your property.  

4 Landscaping Trends of 2017


These days, it’s all about keeping the garden and lawn care to a minimum without sacrificing visual appeal. This trend focuses on an environmental approach to landscaping, encouraging species that don’t need a lot of water and allowing the natural course of life to determine the greenery that grows best on your property.

Edible Gardens

Having a vegetable garden as the centerpiece of your backyard is one of the leading trends in 2017. It is easy growing your food, and planting a variety of organic vegetables can add a colorful component to your landscaping. A section of yard dedicated to a garden will also cut back on the amount of mowing you need to do during the spring and summer months.

landscapingWater Features

Water is always a popular addition to landscape design. It can be something as small as a garden fountain or as large as a full waterfall attached to the patio. These pieces can usually be custom-made and will provide an attractive component to any part of your property.

Outdoor Rooms

Creating an outdoor space where your family can enjoy a quiet evening together is another popular trend this year. Whether it’s a sunken fire pit surrounded by decorative chairs or an open patio complete with a fully equipped grill station, this option could easily increase the aesthetics and value of the property.

If you’re ready to begin your next landscaping project, the gardening professionals at 1st Place Turf in Concord, NC, can help. For over 25 years, the team has specialized in creating the perfect outdoor area for gardens and patios throughout Cabarrus County. To set up an appointment, call (704) 454-7352. Visit their website for additional information.

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