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3 Things to Expect During an Air Quality Inspection September 18, 2017

Meggett, Charleston
3 Things to Expect During an Air Quality Inspection, Meggett, South Carolina

Air pollution may not be your top concern in your home or workplace. However, with 90% of Americans spending their time indoors according to the Environmental Protection Agency, short- and long-term health problems can occur by breathing in unregulated air indoors. Poor insulation and environmental factors such as paint, dust, and pets can contribute to strange smells, headaches, and other illnesses. The experts at Vent Busters in Charleston, SC, provides thorough air quality inspections to measure the contamination levels of your indoor air and viable solutions.

Here are three steps they take in an air quality inspection:


Anyone living in the house or working in the same work space will be interviewed about their experiences with the air quality. If everyone is complaining about a strange smell coming from one room or experiencing headaches only when they enter the building, then experts can narrow down the search to particular areas where these events are happening.


indoor air qualityA careful examination of the space identifies target areas of contamination. This includes looking at the air ducts, vents, and heating and cooling systems. These locations are likely culprits of air pollution that contributes to asthma, runny noses, or other related symptoms. Environmental factors such as old carpets, printers, rodents, and smoking, are other sources of contamination. Once the source is identified, the necessary actions are determined next.

Cleaning & Adjustments

Considerable amount of buildup of dirt or dust is a breeding ground of bacteria and mold, contributing to air contamination. This would require air duct cleaning or vent cleaning, which not only helps get rid of the source, but also helps heating and cooling systems work more efficiently and effectively. Depending on where the source of air pollution is coming from, you might not need to have any cleaning done. Replacing old carpeting, switching printers, or rerouting an air vent may be all you need to do to improve the quality of your air.

While the primary purpose of air quality inspections is to measure the indoor air quality of your home and office, they also improve your quality of life. Whether that means chucking your old furniture or implementing air filters, Vent Busters believe that air quality inspections can better your health and save you money in the long run. To find out how to improve your indoor air quality, call (843) 609-6517 for more information and a free estimate.

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