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4 Essential Skills Millennials Bring to Companies as Young Professionals September 20, 2017

Huntington, Huntington
4 Essential Skills Millennials Bring to Companies as Young Professionals, Huntington, New York

They're tech savvy, embrace global solutions, and are not afraid to shake up traditional norms. Millennials—the segment of the population born between 1977 and 1995—bring positive skills to the workforce. The Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce (HTCC) in New York, who support their community by providing business resources and networking events, explains that they continue to see the impact this generation of young professionals is having in a number of industries.

Here they share just a few of the many skills Millennials bring to employers:

  • Tech & Social Media Prowess: Born in the era of the latest innovations, Millennials have experience tinkering with devices since childhood and can master them fairly quickly. As for social media, many use platforms to build their brand and promote their skills. Companies look to them to grow their online presence and expand their tech channels.
  • young professionalsCollaboration: Millennials also value working in groups to solve problems. Collaboration is an effective tool to help streamline existing channels and save money on redundant operations. While they embrace their individuality, many don't mind creating solutions as a team. Most employers value and encourage teamwork as a means to boost the bottom line.
  • Bilingual & Multilingual: With the world's borders getting smaller and closer, Millennials also see the benefits of learning one or more foreign languages. They understand their career paths may not be limited to their native homelands, and, as a result, are open to embracing other cultures, which can be a benefit for businesses with division offices around the globe.
  • Innovation: These young professionals tend to lean more toward innovations rather than blindly follow tradition. They aren't afraid to challenge existing systems, taking more risks and thinking outside the box. For employers, these traits expand and transform current standards for the better.

With the ability to adapt and shape opinions, Millennials continue to be vital in today's workforce. Companies that court and retain top talent can reap dividends. The key is to allow them enough flexibility to innovate.

The Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce offers many opportunities to match employers with these young professionals. As the area's premier networking resource with over 600 members, the chamber hosts several ongoing events targeted at Millennials. Among them, the Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce, which includes entrepreneurs throughout Long Island. Check out their calendar of community events and more on the website. For questions about membership, call (631) 423-6100.

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