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Child Care Tips: 3 Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy During Fall & Winter September 18, 2017

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Child Care Tips: 3 Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy During Fall & Winter, Cortlandt, New York

Fall and winter are on their way—making kids more vulnerable to illness. At A Rising Star Children’s Center in Cortlandt Manor, NY, their child care experts will teach your little ones how to stay healthy and fight off possible illnesses. When dropping them off at your children’s day care center, you want to know they’re as safe from germs as possible.

Child Care Experts Offer 3 Children’s Health Tips for Cold & Flu Season

Child-Care-Cortlandt-Manor-NY1. Make Sure They Wash Their Hands

Emphasize how important regular hand-washing is. Make rules in your house that require your kids to wash before and after meals, as well as before they go out for the day, and when they come back inside. According to the child care experts at Rising Star, the more you enforce these rules, the better chance your kid won’t get sick.

2. Enforce Their Bedtime

Children need a full eight to ten hours of sleep every night. If they don’t have enough rest, they’ll have low energy throughout the day, as well as a weakened immune system. Set a bedtime, and enforce it every night of the week. 

3. Keep Them Hydrated

Proper hydration is one of the pillars of good health. Before sending them off to Rising Star, pack a water bottle for your child. Ask the staff where they can refill it throughout the day, and encourage them to do so regularly.

You want your children to stay healthy all year long. Fortunately, by enforcing certain rules and encouraging key habits, you can optimize their wellness. At A Rising Star Children’s Center, in Cortlandt Manor, NY, their child care specialists will teach your little ones how to stay healthy and avoid exposure to germs this season. Contact them online to learn more about their services, or call (914) 788-4582.

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