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Why Annual Screening & Pap Smears Are Necessary September 15, 2017

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Why Annual Screening & Pap Smears Are Necessary, Anchorage, Alaska

One of the easiest and most important ways to maintain your health over time is to visit your gynecologist for an annual screening and pap smear. You should feel comfortable with your gynecologist who will perform your pap smear, which is why the team at Anchorage OB/GYN in Anchorage, AK, is dedicated to providing patients with superior health care services.

While most women don’t visit their gynecologist until they experience a problem, the professionals at Anchorage OB/GYN advise scheduling visits early and often. Women should have a pap smear every two years, starting at the age of 21, or earlier depending on sexual activity.

pap smearWhile a pap smear is not built to detect cervical cancer, it will detect abnormalities in the cells. If an abnormality is detected, your doctor can treat the cause before it transforms into cancer. Annual screenings are the only way to stay safe and find any changes while it is early enough to treat the condition.

Pap smears are nothing to fear, as they are painless and performed during a regular pelvic exam. The doctor will use a speculum to view the cervical area, swab your cervix with a cotton swab to collect cells, and send the cells to the lab for testing.

Pap smears are critical to your health and wellness, and you should talk to the team at Anchorage OB/GYN to determine the frequency of your annual screenings and pap smears. The team is always available to help you maintain and improve your health. They provide a comprehensive range of gynecological services at their Anchorage clinic, including annual wellness exams, HPV and STD screenings, menopause management, family planning, and other services. Call to schedule an appointment today at (907) 336-6375, or visit them online.

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