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Resources for Teachers: How CC&SC Helps You Improve Your Students' Social Skills September 8, 2017

Sierra Madre, Upper San Gabriel Valley
Resources for Teachers: How CC&SC Helps You Improve Your Students' Social Skills, Upper San Gabriel Valley, California

As any dedicated teacher knows, students need more from you than just facts and formulas. Success in school and life require a range of social skills which your students are still developing. Helping children and teens through the challenges of development isn't easy, which is why Choices Counseling & Skills Center in Sierra Madre, CA, offers the tools you need to both teach and model these important abilities for your students.

Providing Skills & Strategies

Social SkillsWhen you come to Choices Counseling & Skills Center, you'll receive training in specific social-emotional learning methods to support your students' growth. You'll receive the tools to help them solve problems, practice self-management and self-awareness, exercise their social awareness, increase their social skills, and make responsible decisions.

Aiding With Lesson Plans

To help blend these important lessons with your curriculum, CC&SC can help you formulate lesson plans which incorporate material on managing emotions. These guidelines help your students aim for success even when it's difficult.

Involving Parents

A student's parents have a significant effect on their academic success, which is why CC&SC's counseling services aren't just for kids, and resources aren’t just for teachers. We're happy to present these materials to parents as well as students, guiding them in both their child's development and their own, so they're better equipped to navigate the pitfalls and challenges more smoothly.

If you're interested in helping your students grow as people, Choices Counseling & Skills Center offers the resources and techniques to do it. With patience and a well-planned approach, you’ll help your students learn social skills and progress to the next stage of their development. For more information, call them at (626) 470-9834 or contact them online.

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