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Why You Should Be Careful With Insurance Companies After a Car Accident Injury September 19, 2017

Omaha, Douglas
Why You Should Be Careful With Insurance Companies After a Car Accident Injury , Omaha, Nebraska

After suffering a car accident injury, your goal is probably a fast physical and financial recovery. You may expect lots of help from the insurance company’s representatives, but you should be wary of their actions. Agents are not always operating with your best interests in mind, and are often encouraged to find ways to discredit or minimize your claim.

Here are a few reasons why you should use caution when dealing with insurance companies:

Discussions With Claims Adjusters

Claims adjusters listen to what you say and use it to minimize claims. For example, they may ask how you are feeling, and take your innocent response, “Much better, thank you,” to discredit your need for continuing medical treatment, medications, or therapy.

Requests for More Medical Information

car accident injuryInsurance companies look for ways to reveal pre-existing conditions in attempts to reduce the value of claims. Sometimes they ask the injured party to sign a medical release form; this allows them to obtain previous records that may reveal problems. Before you agree to sign for anything, consult with a personal injury attorney. 

 Offer of Full & Final Settlement

Be cautious of an insurance representative who offers a final settlement soon after your car accident injury and before your doctor has released you from treatment. A request to sign a full and final statement to receive a big and fast check sounds tempting. However, you may miss out on collecting thousands of dollars, and you are giving up your right to seek additional compensation for future complications.


Personal injury attorneys know how to evaluate claims and negotiate settlements in their clients’ best interests. The dedicated team at Salerno & Associates in Omaha, NE, will seek recovery of full compensation for you after a car accident injury. The experienced lawyers have over 30 years of experience successfully helping clients fight powerful insurance companies. Call (866) 787-2598 to arrange a consultation, or visit their website for more information on how they can help.

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