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3 Benefits of In-Home Dental Services September 15, 2017

Central Park, Manhattan
3 Benefits of In-Home Dental Services, Manhattan, New York

Are you like the thousands of New Yorkers who struggle to find time for a dentist appointment? If so, you should reach out to the mobile dentists with Smiles Delivered in New York, NY. This unique company offers in-home dental services to fulfill their mission of providing convenient and quality oral care to all. The team can perform various services including teeth whitening and routine cleanings. With unmatched benefits, you’ll be calling for your appointment today.

3 Benefits of In-Home Dental Services

1. Convenience

Between work and familial responsibilities, you don’t have time to fight the subway and trek across the city to visit a dentist. In-home dental services provide the utmost convenience by coming to your home or office. Plus, with evening and weekend hours, you don’t have to worry about taking time off of work or checking the children out of school. Even out-of-town business-people can schedule an appointment at their Manhattan hotel to make sure their smile is fresh before that big meeting.

2. Comfort

in-home dental servicesA lot of patients are afraid of the dentist and their tools. Having your teeth cleaned in the comfort of your living room can reduce the amount of anxiety you feel. If you have a dental emergency, you don't have to travel in discomfort. The dentist can come right to your home. 

3. Cost

A mobile dentist incurs far less overhead by avoiding a large rent payment and utility bills. These savings mean they can provide you more competitive prices than a traditional office, so you can afford to splurge on in-home teeth whitening. Additionally, affordable cleaning improves the likelihood you’ll keep a routine, which reduces the risk of long-term expense from severe dental issues.

In-home dental services save you time and money while providing the most comfortable dentist experience you’ve ever had. Smiles Delivered is dedicated to providing comfortable, quality dental services with six licensed professionals ready to visit you. Call (917) 383-0933 for more information or book your appointment online now.

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