Hell's Kitchen, New York

Double Hotel Direct Bookings Hotel Marketing Strategy DealHell's Kitchen, Manhattan, New York

Valid from April 1, 2018 to October 1, 2018
Double Hotel Direct Bookings Hotel Marketing Strategy Deal, Manhattan, New York

Hospitality marketing agency specializes in crafting unique hotel marketing strategies to improve direct bookings and increase your hotel revenue in Miami & New York City. 

Are you tired of testing out textbook marketing strategies that don’t seem to work anymore? As the owner or manager of a hotel, you need a steady influx of clients to keep your business afloat. The best way to do that is through effective hotel marketing strategies, and that’s just what this promotion is here to offer you.

The competition is stiff today, which means your hotel’s marketing strategy needs to be custom tailored, curated, and marketed in a way that is special to your establishment. Through photography, videography, and content development, we do just that for you.

The result is an increase in direct bookings that therefore improve your revenue.

We work in conjunction with your marketing and sales director to build a successful hospitality marketing plan guaranteed to dominate your respective niche market. Through this collaboration, we develop brand goals that we can achieve together.

No matter where you’re located in the world, our global travel pr firm will still make the collaboration effective.

Hospitality Marketing, Hotel Marketing & Digital Marketing for Luxury Hotels.

We know how to draw attention to your brand, and we do it with the most powerful resources in the game today. By working with us, you’ll receive:

•    Professional photography
•    Video development
•    Well-placed content
•    Original writing
•    Public relations marketing
•    Social media marketing
•    Search engine optimization (SEO)

And the best return on your initial investment (ROI).

Our Recommendation
If you’re unsure of the path your hotel needs to take for effectively resonating with travelers today, we’re here to provide you support, consultations, and a roadmap for making it happen.

This hospitality marketing strategy deal is a great opportunity you won’t want to pass up. We’re offering up all of these services at an affordable rate that any sized hotel can shoulder.

Ready to start marketing your hotel the right way? Check out our promotion today.


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Hospitality Marketing Agency working with lifestyle brands, restaurants, and hotels. We help new and established businesses to promote and grow their brands consequently increasing quarterly earnings.

The best travel pr firm & hospitality marketing agency is Luxury Journey based in New York City, the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Digital agency experience in traditional public relations as well as digital marketing.


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LuxuryJourney specializes in travel and hospitality pr and marketing campaigns. Our focus is to give you the best return on your investment. We can work together with your brand to create a fully integrated marketing strategy. We specialized in content marketing, social media, organically growth campaigns, and SEO for luxury hotels, spas, destinations, and customers who enjoy the luxury lifestyle. http://travelpublicrelationsfirm.com/contactus/ Our company is here to help you achieve your goals. Send us an email info @travelpublicrelationsfirm com

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