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A Guide To Preplanning Cremation Services September 19, 2017

Flatlands, Brooklyn
A Guide To Preplanning Cremation Services, Brooklyn, New York

Preplanning cremation services is a sensible way to ensure your desires are understood. While more people are opting to make these advance arrangements, the concept still might be intimidating. The professionals at Tri State Direct Cremation in Brooklyn, NY,  understand you might feel apprehension about the process and explain important factors to consider before you discuss cremation options with your local funeral home. 

Types of Cremation Services

Cremation services Brooklyn NYIn some ways, preplanning a cremation is similar to arranging funeral and burial services. You have several options, and choosing cremation will not preclude a traditional funeral. Direct cremation, in which a memorial service is held at a later date with no ceremony beforehand, is another option to consider. Think about your preferred location for a memorial or graveside service to help you decide. 

Handling the Ashes

Think about how you wish to have your cremated remain treated — you can choose to be as conventional or unconventional as you like. In many cases, cremated remains are buried in a cemetery or family members decide to keep them in an urn at home. Others prefer to have their ashes scattered at a location of personal importance, such as the ocean or a favorite wooded area. Determine your final resting place and plan accordingly. 

Products & Associated Costs

Products related to cremation services can extend from a vessel for the ashes to a headstone or grave marker for a burial site. If costs are a concern, you’ll find many options for affordable cremation. The funeral home you choose will discuss specific cremation and funeral packages when you’re ready to preplan your arrangements.  

Preplanning burial or cremation services can be emotionally trying, but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you’ve made important decisions and relieved your loved ones of the responsibility. If you’re ready to take this step, turn to the caring and compassionate staff at Tri State Direct Cremation in Brooklyn, NY, for assistance. Visit them online for more information about cremation and funeral packages and call (347) 470-1515 to make an appointment for a consultation.

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