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5 Veneer Myths Debunked September 13, 2017

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5 Veneer Myths Debunked, Hinesville, Georgia

If your local dentist office offers veneers, you may be hesitant to go forward with the procedure because of what you've heard. There are a few common myths that make them sound like a risky dental care option. However, veneers will save your smile from a number of aesthetic flaws. 

5 Veneer Myths Busted

1. They Cause Sensitivity

When you go to receive dental veneers, you're fitted with a temporary set while your permanent veneers are fabricated. Many patients do experience some sensitivity during this stage. However, your final veneers will likely be made of porcelain, which is a poor conductor of heat. Once the placement process is complete, any sensitivity should go away.

2. Veneers Look Unnatural

VeneerA skilled cosmetic dentist will create tooth prosthetics with a natural-looking color, shape, and translucency. If you still aren't sure, ask your dentist to see pictures of their past work.

3. Veneers Are Fragile

While porcelain may sound like a delicate material, dental porcelain is even tougher than your tooth enamel. Unusual circumstances may still cause a break, but the same can be said of your natural teeth.

4. You'll Need to Change Your Diet

Your dentist will warn you to avoid crunching hard candy and exposing your veneers to red wine, but the same rules apply to your natural teeth. They won't require any major changes; just suck your candy instead of biting it, and rinse with water after drinking dark beverages.

5. Getting Veneers Requires Major Tooth Alterations

This idea has some basis in reality. Traditional veneers do require your dentist to remove a very small amount of tooth enamel to make room. But this is a minor alteration, and some of the newest options don't involve any removal at all.


Don't be fooled by common myths; ask your dentist for the facts. Hinesville Smiles has provided quality dentistry to patients in Liberty County, GA, for more than 25 years. Dr. Simmons and Dr. Register provide a range of services from general and preventive dentistry to cosmetic procedures, including veneers. To become a patient, call their practice today at (912) 368-3333 or request an appointment online.

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