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4 Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets September 19, 2017

North Corbin, Laurel
4 Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets , North Corbin, Kentucky

If your kitchen cabinets are unsightly or outdated, you may be considering resurfacing them. While this is an excellent option in some cases, sometimes, it’s better to invest in a full replacement. Surplus Sales is the Corbin, KY, area’s one-stop shop for landscaping and home improvement projects. Here, the team explains how to tell if it’s time to ditch your old cabinets for something brand new. 

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets 

1. There’s Significant Structural Damage 

Structural damage is the most obvious sign it’s time to invest in new kitchen cabinets. This can include water damage, mold and mildew, or cracks. Evidence of water damage includes warped or bubbling materials, blackened wood, or difficulty closing the doors. Cabinets can also become soft on the sides, indicating the “bones” have weakened. If the structure is beyond repair, there’s no choice but to replace them. 

2. They’re Cheaply Made 

If your cabinets are made of cheap materials like particleboard, refacing isn't a valid option. It’s not worthwhile to put in the effort and money to reface a poorly made product. In the long run, it’s better to replace the low-grade cabinets with quality ones that will last longer. 

3. You’re Redoing the Kitchen 

kitchen cabinet corbin KYWhether you’re redoing the countertops or the entire kitchen, you’ll want new cabinets to match. They don’t have to be precisely the same material or color as the walls or counters, but the room should look cohesive. You don’t want old, outdated kitchen cabinets to dampen the beauty of your new quartz countertops or hardwood flooring. Similarly, cabinets that don’t match the room’s style will look out of place. 

4. You Need More Space 

As your family expands, so does your need for pantry and storage space. Not only is it hard to find what you need in an overflowing cabinet, but it’s also difficult to keep jam-packed shelves organized and tidy. Today’s kitchen cabinets come with a variety of innovative storage options to maximize space and organization. You can also opt for customized cabinets, which can be built to fit into nooks and crannies or hold small appliances. 

If you’re a Whitley County resident, stop by Surplus Sales in Corbin, Paducah, or Elkton, where you’ll find a broad range of kitchen cabinets, flooring materials, and other necessities for your next home improvement project. You can also call (606) 523-9166 to speak with a friendly representative or visit their website to see examples of past kitchen transformations. 

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