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Bedbug Treatment Specialists Explain How These Pests Spread September 18, 2017

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Bedbug Treatment Specialists Explain How These Pests Spread, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

As their name suggests, bedbugs are commonly discovered in the bedroom. Since they feed on human blood, they’re attracted to warm places like sheets and piles of clothing. These pests reproduce quickly, so you need a fast bedbug treatment to get rid of them. As the leading team of pest management professionals in Lexington, KY, Guarantee Pest Control has the skills to eliminate these unwanted visitors before they cause an infestation. Here, the team explains where the pests come from and how they spread through the house.

Why Are Bedbugs Found in the Bedroom? 

bedbug treatment Lexington KYThese insects rely on humans for their food, so they need to be close to their next meal. They can be found everywhere, from the sheets and blankets to the box spring and frame. Since you are inactive for several hours at night, the bugs have plenty of time to eat. One of the clearest signs you need a bedbug treatment at home is waking up with red, itchy bites, especially on the torso, neck, arms, and legs. The skin on these areas is commonly exposed at night, giving the pests easy access.

How Do Bedbugs Spread?

These pests reproduce quickly, so it’s only a matter of time before you find them in other pieces of furniture like the sofa or an upholstered chair. They also live in carpets, closets, and piles of laundry because the fabric provides shelter.

How do bedbugs get into houses in the first place? They are skilled hitchhikers. The insects are common in airports and hotels, where they can hop from one person’s clothing or luggage to another’s in search of nutrition.  

Bedbugs also relocate to other areas when they’re disturbed. If you see insects in one room, leave them alone and call for a professional bedbug treatment. If you try to address the problem yourself, the pests will move to another room where they feel safe and start breeding there, leading to an infestation.

If your family wakes up with itchy, red bites, you may have a bedbug infestation. The professionals at Guarantee Pest Control will eliminate these insects, so your home is clean and safe. Their bedbug treatments address current problems and prevent future ones from occurring. To schedule an appointment, call (859) 254-2076. Visit their website for more information about their pest management services. Follow the company on Facebook and Twitter for additional tips.

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