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Statistically speaking, more than 3% of the USA population is involved in MVA every year. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  reported more than 5,000,000 motor vehicle accidents in 2013. It means the good drivers in Nebraska, may find themselves involved in a car accident. The good news is about 80% of all motor vehicle accidents involve only property damage.  But the other side of the coin: 20% of all MVA involve personal injury claims. Fortunately for Omaha clients, Demerath Law Office has a great deal of experience and expertise to provide a high-level legal counsel for those injured parties. Personal injury lawyer from Demerath Law Office recommends taking the following steps if you are in a personal injury motor vehicle accident.
First and most important - Seek Out Immediate Medical Care and Treatment
Emergency medical personnel should be contacted immediately either by you, or by the people who are witnesses to a MVA. Remember, even seemingly minor injuries should be assessed by a medical professional after any MVA occurs. You never know what injuries may be more serious than initially suspected!
Second – Document As Much As You Can
You should not forget to take photos at the accident scene. The pictures will provide insight into the conditions that led to the accident, and pictures will show the extent of any property damage you incurred. You would be well advised to also take notes, if possible, while the accident is fresh in your mind, or dictate the information to your cell phone voice recorder, and, of course, ask for the contact information from all parties  and witnesses of accident so later they can provide any needed testimony.
Third - Contact Your Insurance Company and Never Talk to the Opposite Side’s Insurance Company
Never forget to contact your insurance company after a MVA as soon as possible.  But on the opposite side, you should never talk or give statements to the insurance company of the other parties to the MVA. Let your attorney talk to the other parties to the MVA.  That is why you engaged his/her services.
Forth – Always Rely Upon and Assist Your Professional Legal Team
After a MVA your main objective is to achieve a full and complete recovery from your injuries. Your attorneys with their experience and expertise in Motor Vehicle Accidents  need your help in collecting all records, establishing liability, and filing any claims on your behalf.
The seasoned attorneys with more than 40 years’ experience and practice in personal injury and MVA from Demerath Law Office work for fellow Nebraskans like yourself. You can contact them for a free consultation by phone (402) 677-5656 or get more information on their website
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