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3 Tips to Get Motivated to Combat Depression September 11, 2017

Elyria, Lorain
3 Tips to Get Motivated to Combat Depression, Elyria, Ohio


Depression can be a crippling condition, and finding the motivation to overcome it can seem impossible. You may feel you’ve dug in too deep; however, there are many ways to combat these feelings. The staff at Psych & Psych Services in Elyria and Lorain, OH, advise that depression is beatable, and with the tips below, you can begin the road to recovery.

3 Tips to Find Motivation When You’re Depressed

1. Start Small

The easiest way to overwhelm yourself is to dive into recovery without preparation or expectation. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge the difficulties that you’re facing and create a plan based on them. The smallest successes can have immense meaning, which is why it’s important to start small. By creating simple, reasonable goals, you’ll find yourself feeling more motivated after each win.

2. Praise Yourself

depression-psych-and-psych-servicesLack of self-worth or ability is a major cause of depression. Most times, your perceptions are false. To become motivated, you should acknowledge your strengths rather than focusing on your flaws and comparing shortcomings to others. Examine what you’re good at and celebrate your abilities. You’ll find that you have more positive characteristics than you remember or realize. This will help you feel more fulfilled and capable and, in turn, begin overcoming depression.

3. Seek Help

There’s no shame in asking for help, and creating a support system offers extensive benefits. Whether it’s reaching out to friends or family or seeking help at a treatment center, you’ll find that sharing your feelings and receiving advice will make a huge difference. You’ll also have people to turn to when you’re feeling low or incapable.

If you’re suffering from depression and need assistance, turn to the professionals at Psych & Psych Services. They offer a variety of services, including family counseling and anxiety therapy, and are dedicated to helping patients live happy, fulfilling lives. Call (440) 323-5121 today to schedule an appointment and visit their website and Facebook to learn more.

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