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Church Roof & Steeple Cleaning: An Inside Look September 12, 2017

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Church Roof & Steeple Cleaning: An Inside Look, High Point, North Carolina

While the inside of a church may be the actual place of prayer and holy ceremonies, the outside provides an important symbolic function for members of the community. When the roof and steeple are covered in grime, it makes people upset, diminishing a regional treasure and holy center. To achieve a successful steeple cleaning, it’s crucial to proceed with caution and hire a professional like A&M Crane and Rigging. Located in High Point, NC, the premier steeple washing company will use their specialized machinery and skilled staff to thoroughly clean the church infrastructure without damaging it. 

steeple cleaningWhen patrons notice overwhelming dirt along a church roof or steeple, there can be a temptation to blast off the grim with a powerful stream of water. While that approach may remove layers of detritus, it will also damage the infrastructure, which in many cases may be an irreplaceable historic property.

The best approaches to church roof and steeple cleaning rely on a method known as softwashing. First, natural eco-detergents are applied to the dirty surfaces. These detergents provide a thorough cleaning without harsh chemicals that will erode building materials. Next, the experts will apply a stream of water with moderate force. 

Accessing a steeple takes more than just ladders. Professionals use a variety of heavy machinery, like cranes to reach the heights necessary for the job. With their training and safety harnesses, the only concern for these technicians will be removing the grit from the church. As they apply the detergent and conduct the softwashing, the team will look for mold, fungi, and other ugly growths. Since these elements can be hiding in unlikely places, crane service is crucial to access hard-to-reach areas. 

Before your church becomes unsightly with an accumulation of dirt, reach out to A&M Crane and Rigging about roof and steeple cleaning. You can speak to a helpful staff member by calling (336) 889-6000. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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