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Health & Fitness 101: What Parent’s Really Need to Know About The Flu February 9, 2015

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Health & Fitness 101: What Parent’s Really Need to Know About The Flu, Manhattan, New York

The winter cold and flu season causes much trepidation for parents, especially when it comes to sending their children to school, a daycare center, or the kids gym. These are breeding grounds for germs and illness, right? Before you keep the kiddies locked up inside for the next two months, it's important to dispel the fact from the fiction when it comes to their health and fitness.

Here, The Little Gym of The Upper East Side is breaking down some common flu myths:

Vitamin C will keep kids from getting sick. 

  • Fiction. In some cases a lot of vitamin C may slightly shorten the length of a cold, but it will not prevent sickness.

Drinking water will help you stay healthy. 

  • Fact. Water will not flush out viruses, but staying hydrated will keep nasal passages moist, which can help fight those nose-invading germs!

The flu shot guarantees you won't get sick. 

  • Fiction. The flu shot does not protect you from every virus and cold. It protects you from certain strains of the flu.

Going outside with damp air leads to a cold.

  • Fiction. Warm and dry inside or cold and wet outside doesn't really matter. Neither is more or less likely to get you sick.

Hand washing and sanitizing decreases your risk of getting sick. 

  • Fact. Soap and water is still the best germ-killing weapon and hand sanitizer is great on-the-go.

Keep your child home if they are sick, especially with a fever. 

  • Fact. Everyone will understand if your child cannot attend dance classes or a birthday party because they are not well. It's the best way to prevent spreading germs.

Don't put a halt on winter activities just because it's flu season. Knowing what will and will not get your little one sick is your best defense! 

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