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Comparing 5 Surfaces for Your Pool Renovation September 6, 2017

Scotch Plains, Union
Comparing 5 Surfaces for Your Pool Renovation, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Choosing to install a new surface is a great pool renovation project that provides a new look and added value to this piece of your home. Gutierrez Pool Plastering in Plainfield, NJ, has become an expert in all the surface options thanks to three decades of experience. They’ve compared five popular renovation choices to help you make an informed decision. 

The Top 5 Surfaces for Your Pool Renovation

1. Vinyl Liners

Vinyl liners are a common option used for both above ground and in-ground pools. The primary draw of this choice is its affordability and low maintenance. Plus, liners come in a variety of stain resistant colors and patterns for all tastes. Depending on the frequency of use, however, a liner may need to be replaced every few years.

2. Plaster

A plaster finish is another cost-effective choice that provides pool goers with a smooth surface. While the material is cost effective, installation can be complicated, which may lead to greater labor costs. Unlike vinyl, plastering is not stain resistant, so it must be frequently maintained.

3. Fiberglass

pool renovationFor someone with a sizable upfront budget, the higher expense of a fiberglass installation may be worth its long-term durability. These pool surfaces are easy to install and provide insulating properties that keep water warmer longer. They can also withstand the abrasion of salt water systems; however, this option is not nearly as customizable.

4. Quartz

Quartz is another stain resistance surface that’s great for pool owners desiring a low-maintenance option that can still provide an element of design to their outdoor space. This beautiful finish does come at a higher cost and has a slower installation process, but it’s the best choice for higher chemical levels or areas with changing climates. 

5. Tile

Pool tile offers a strong surface that can be completely specified to your tastes, from full tiling to decorative bands. It can even be carried over to the pool deck for a continuous look. However, because the material is more expensive and can be tricky to insert, it may be a better option for smaller pools.

These five pool surfaces offer pros and cons that will ultimately depend on your family’s budget and lifestyle. When you’re ready to kick off your pool renovation with the best service in the area, give Gutierrez Pool Plastering a call at (908) 756-7585 or contact them online

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