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3 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer September 19, 2017

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3 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer, Canton, Georgia

A child custody lawyer will help you better navigate the legal system and work to get you the solutions you need, but, more importantly, what is necessary to secure your child’s future. But before you hire an attorney, you need to take into account some crucial considerations that could impact your legal case and its outcome. Below, three of the most important factors are discussed in more detail.

3 Key Points to Remember Before Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer

1. The Intricacy of Your Case

Not every child custody case needs the guidance of a custody expert, and, in situations where you and your ex are still able to maintain open, civil communication, you may be able to reach an agreement regarding custody, and this will greatly reduce your costs.  More complex cases, however, will almost certainly require an expert in child custody litigation. Before hiring, think about how involved your case is, as well as the extent of your ability to peaceably talk and negotiate with your ex.

2. The Lawyer's Expertise

Once a custody case enters the child custody lawyerscourt system, it can become volatile and intense for both parties, and a battle between parents can be devastating to the children. You need to find a child custody lawyer who not only understands family law matters inside and out but who has the experience and assertive personality to represent you in all legal dealings. Consider hiring an attorney who has a solid reputation in contested custody matters and who is someone you feel confident entrusting with your family's fate.

3. The Firm’s Fees

For most of us, cost plays a major role in what we can realistically afford to do. Before you hire a custody lawyer, make sure you know their fee structure, how often they charge, and what your financial obligations will be. It's also a smart idea to work your attorney's fees into your short-term budget; this way, you will see areas where you may be able to reduce spending and channel more resources toward quality legal representation.  In the realm of Family Law, a “custody dispute” is one of the most expensive and lengthy battles to fight, so you want to ensure that you retain an attorney who has experience and a good reputation for zealously representing their clients at a reasonable cost – Bray & Johnson has been representing clients for almost 45 years, and they have a great success rate without fleecing their clients financially.  Bray & Johnson will tell you the truth about your likelihood of success, the reasonableness of your wishes, and the anticipated cost of the litigation.


Since 1973, the child custody lawyers at the Bray & Johnson have been representing clients throughout North Georgia (especially Cherokee County, Georgia). Call (770) 479-1426 or visit them online to make an appointment, and follow them on Facebook to get legal tips and information. Protecting your children’s future should be your highest priority, so let the lawyers at Bray & Johnson protect those interests.

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