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Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Always Says "Yes" to Improv Comedy January 21, 2015

Chelsea, Manhattan
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Always Says "Yes" to Improv Comedy, Manhattan, New York

The first rule of thumb in improv comedy is to always say "yes" to your partner, no matter how ridiculous the situation may seem or different than what you originally had in mind. Although there is always the risk of sounding foolish, you will enjoy the amazing sensation of making people laugh. This thrilling form of comedy, as well as hilarious sketch comedy, is what makes Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre electrifying. The renowned club has been performing brilliant comedy theatre in New York since moving from Chicago in 1996, and it has become a NYC staple for comedy.

UCB attracts and corrals the most talented comedians in sketch and improv comedy. You’ll probably recognize many of their past and current members—like Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, and Scott Adsit—for their work in TV comedy shows and film. But to fully appreciate their craft, you have to be there and witness it for yourself.

UCB performs their improvisation and sketch comedy on an intimate stage in both Chelsea and the East Village, which brings the audience closer together and puts them in the thick of the action. There are no tricks here, though; no night is the same as the last; no one is whispering lines into people's ears. What you can expect is well-trained, reflexive actors who are quick on their feet with outrageous, brilliant comedy and say “yes” night after night. 

With the thrill of “what will happen next” consistently enrapturing audiences, UCB’s talent brings laughter and enthusiasm from countless audiences each night. For more information and to view the list of upcoming events at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, visit their website, or call them at (212) 366-9176.

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