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3 Ways Replacement Windows Will Improve Property Value September 11, 2017

Charlotte, Rochester
3 Ways Replacement Windows Will Improve Property Value, Rochester, New York

If you plan on selling your home in the near future, certain projects will not only protect what you already spent but also add more value to your home. Installing replacement windows is one example. The National Association of Realtors reports the average homeowner receives a 76% return on their new window investment. They recoup what they spent on new windows when their homes are sold at higher list prices.

Here are the top reasons why replacement windows boost property value:

  • Energy Efficiency: In the world of rising energy prices and a deeper concern for protecting the environment, home buyers look for properties that are energy-efficient. The quality of the windows will affect how much money is spent on utilities and how much energy is wasted. Old windows eventually warp and crack, and they create gaps where air leaks in and out. The HVAC system will have to work harder to keep the interior at a constant temperature. New windows, however, create a tight seal that keeps outside air where it belongs.
  • replacement windowsWeather Protection: Aside from keeping air out, your windows also protect your home from the weather. As windows age, they lose their stability. High winds will always be a threat, but even a mild rainstorm could pose problems. Old windows let in moisture, and it will only take a few drops to cause water damage and mold. Home buyers will always choose a property that’s protected from these problems over one that isn’t.
  • Appearance: Whether you’re standing in the driveway staring at your home or sitting on the couch gazing out the window, the windows affect how your house looks. On the outside, the condition of the windows will help or hurt curb appeal. If you’re more concerned about interior design, old windows will look drab and outdated. It comes down to a combination of the clarity of the panes and the window frame, but replacement windows will always give your home a fresh, new look.


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