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Need Help Making Nutritious Meals for Seniors? Turn to a Caregiver September 18, 2017

St. Charles, St. Charles
Need Help Making Nutritious Meals for Seniors? Turn to a Caregiver, St. Charles, Missouri

Seniors require specialized diets, especially if they’re dealing with chronic health conditions. As a family member, preparing nutritious meals every day can be difficult, which is why the staff at Deer Valley Home Health Services, located in Berkeley, St. Louis, and St. Charles, MO, advise turning to a caregiver for support. They can relieve the burden while ensuring your loved one gets the nutrition they need.

3 Meal Prep Challenges & How Caregivers Can Help

1. Shopping

Simply getting the ingredients for a nutritious meal can be time-consuming. If you work a full-time job or are taking care of your own family, making an extra trip to the grocery store may be hard to fit into your schedule. To overcome this, you can turn to a caregiver to help with the shopping. Using their expertise, knowledge of your loved one, and your input, they can keep a full stock of healthy ingredients in the senior’s home.

2. Knowing How to Cook

caregiverIf your loved one is a picky eater or you aren’t an experienced cook, it’s a challenge to prepare meals they enjoy. This can lead them to choose unhealthy foods or forgo eating altogether. If you and your family members lack cooking skills, a caregiver can help. Together, they’ll work with your loved one to see what they like, establish a healthy meal plan, and ensure they get to enjoy delicious foods that fulfill their needs.

3. Finding Time to Cook

If you know how to cook and have managed the shopping, you still have to find time to make up to three meals each day. Even if your loved one lives with you, this can be exhausting. Hiring a caregiver gives you an extra hand or even replacement in the kitchen when your schedule becomes too overwhelming. Eating at designated times is beneficial for some seniors, and having the assistance of a caregiver will help honor that schedule.

If you need extra help cooking or caring for a loved one, turn to the elderly care staff at Deer Valley Home Health Services. They offer comprehensive assistance to ensure your loved one stays happy and healthy. Call (314) 355-3679 today to speak with their staff about hiring a caregiver, and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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