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A Brief Guide to Down Bedding's Lifespan September 6, 2017

Mason, Warren
A Brief Guide to Down Bedding's Lifespan , Mason, Ohio

Down bedding lends unparalleled comfort to the bedroom. Choosing the material for pillows, comforters, and other products will make your sleep increasingly luxurious. Adhering to best practices and making informed purchases will ensure these items last for years to come. 

What Factors Influence Down Bedding’s Durability? 


down beddingProper care for down bedding is paramount. The best way to have it cleaned is at a professional laundromat that has commercial-grade washers and the appropriate products. If you choose to wash your pieces at home, be sure your washer is large enough to accommodate them. Use warm water and a gentle cycle and soap for about 6 minutes to maintain the down’s structure. A high spin speed is also suggested to remove moisture quickly. For drying, keep settings low to prevent scorching and make sure each piece is thoroughly dry so mildew doesn’t set in. Add dryer balls or tennis balls in clean socks to prevent clumping.


The better the down, the longer it will last. Higher caliber varieties are cleaned and sanitized during production, making them hypoallergenic. Feathers from larger, more mature birds, such as the Siberian goose, are preferred. In general, mature goose down is better than duck, as older birds produce more loft or fluff, and their down keeps its stability and shape longer. It’s also lighter and warmer, making it ideal for comforters.


The category of an item also determines its lifespan. Depending on usage, down pillows, comforters, feather beds, and other cushions can last anywhere from three to 10 years. Pillows tend to wear out sooner than beds. If protected and cleaned well, comforters can outlast them all. Keeping up with maintenance and avoiding moisture will help the material stay clean, dry, and mildew-free, and therefore last much longer.  


For the best in down bedding, turn to DOWNLITE. This family-owned national company has carried quality goose-down products for three generations, including comforters, pillows, mattress pads, and more. They also offer online care advice to extend the lifespan of your favorite pieces. To view their catalog and place an order today, visit them online or call (866) 931-3696 to speak with customer service.