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5 Helpful Tips to Make Doing Laundry Easier September 18, 2017

Belmont, Lincoln
5 Helpful Tips to Make Doing Laundry Easier, Lincoln, Nebraska

Doing laundry isn’t exactly the most exciting chore, but with some prep work, the task doesn’t have to be a hassle—especially if you wash and dry your clothes at a laundromat. City Laundry in Lincoln, NE, has become the go-to spot for fast, affordable and convenient laundry service.

It’s why the local business continues to welcome new and repeat customers. If lugging your garments to a laundromat is at the bottom of your errand list, here are a few helpful tips to make the chore less of a nuisance:

  • Avoid Peak Hours: Weekends and evenings are probably the busiest times at a laundromat. If your schedule permits, try going in the afternoons during the week. This way, you’ll be able to get your clothes washed and dried without waiting on occupied machines.
  • Sort Ahead of Time: Speed up your visit by sorting your laundry at home. Doing so eliminates the need to find a large enough area to separate colored and white clothes. Tackling this task ahead of time will also identify delicate hand-washables so they don’t end up in the washing machine.
  • laundryPre-Treat Early: Take the time to pre-treat heavily soiled clothing before arriving at the laundromat. This is another big time saver because you won’t have to fumble with your clothing articles once you’re there.
  • Double-Check Settings: Avoid shrinkage and other washing mishaps by checking the washing machine’s settings first. Make the necessary adjustments to accommodate larger or smaller loads. Double check the water temperature setting as well, and remember to adjust the dryer too.
  • Do a Drop-Off: If laundry is too much to fit into your schedule this week, turn the duty over to someone else. Most laundromats have a drop-off service that provides washing, drying and folding. Customers either pay a flat fee or are charged by the pound of clothes. Ask about service turnaround time.

Nothing is quite like the smell of fresh clothes—having access to a professional and clean laundromat makes it possible. Visit City Laundry for their dependable machines, coin dispensers and reliable drop-off service. Should you have questions about costs, hours, or other clothing matters, call (402) 483-2113 today. You can also check out the website for additional information on special requests, such as commercial laundry service.

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