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Everything You Need to Know About High Efficiency Boilers September 15, 2017

Boston, Boston, MA
Everything You Need to Know About High Efficiency Boilers, Boston, Massachusetts

Summer is almost over, and in Massachusetts, that means cooler weather will be here soon. Keep your building warm and utility bills low by switching to a high efficiency boiler before the temperatures begin to drop. These modern systems are smaller in size with improved energy efficiency, resulting in major cost savings for your business.

Why You Need a High Efficiency Boiler

Uses Condensing Technology to Recover Lost Heat

Property owners with older boilers often find themselves spending more than they need to on fuel costs. These outdated systems have energy efficiency ratings of 50 to 70%, meaning that up to 30% of fuel used to heat their building is lost through areas like chimneys, doors, and windows.

The condensing technology in high efficiency boilers provides an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 90%, keeping fuel inside the property. The steam produced from these escaping gases is condensed, which helps recover heat previously lost.

Lowers Utility Bills

By using waste gases to create extra heat, high efficiency boilers help save you money. Since fuel is lost during the heating process, older systems require a lot of it to operate. With newer models, less heat escapes, resulting in a lower bill. This also puts less work on your system, since the heat doesn’t need to run as long to keep a home comfortable.

high efficiency boilerReduces Carbon Footprint

The escaping gases produced by older boilers have a negative impact on the environment. With fewer carbon dioxide emissions, high efficiency boilers are eco-friendly and help you reduce your carbon footprint.  

Recoups Upfront Costs

One drawback of high efficiency boiler installation is the upfront cost. These systems can cost double the price of a standard unit, so you should first calculate the payback period—the amount of time it takes to recover an investment—to determine whether it’s worth it. Fortunately, the money saved on fuel costs combined with this payback period means that the system often pays for itself in about two to five years.


Talk to the experts at New England Combustion Products in Rockland, MA, about installing a new high-efficiency boiler system. Since 1976, their team has been providing customized, cutting-edge boiler room and combustion solutions for clients all over the country. For more information about the equipment that they carry, visit their website. Call (781) 337-8888 to discuss your project and request a quote today. 

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