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For your all-in-one spa destination, The Fountain Spa is the place for you. The Fountain Spa in Hackensack, New Jersey offers a wide range of spa services. Whether you are looking for a full body massage or a stylish manicure and pedicure, we can offer you wonderful service at a great price.

Why Your Muscles Might be Sore After a Massage September 5, 2017

Hackensack, Bergen County
Why Your Muscles Might be Sore After a Massage, Hackensack, New Jersey

Although receiving a massage is a comfortable, relaxing experience, some people find their muscles are sore afterward. If this happens to you, you might be wondering whether or not it’s normal. The answer is yes—not only is it normal, it’s often also a sign of major benefits.

At The Fountain Spa in Ramsey and Hackensack, NJ, they’ll gladly explain why you may feel some minor discomfort after this type of body treatment. They believe part of their job involves making sure all clients understand the effects of a massage, so they’ve offered the following helpful guide.

What Muscle Soreness After a Massage Means

Massage-Ramsey-NJWhat You Might Experience

First, you shouldn’t expect any major pain after visiting a day spa. The soreness you experience should be similar to what you might feel the day after going to the gym. It should also subside within 72 hours of your visit. If you are feeling intense or lasting pain, bring it up the next time you schedule a massage—you might have a sensitive part of your body that requires less pressure than others.

What It Means

Massaging a muscle increases blood flow and releases tension. Most people have very tight muscles, often due to sitting at a desk job all day. When these parts of the body are massaged, small micro-tears can form during the process. These are the same kind of micro-tears you get from weight lifting. While anything with the word “tear” in it may sound like it’s bad for your body, they actually heal very easily, allowing the muscle to grow back looser and stronger.

Everyone could use a little less tension in their muscles. That’s why you should schedule a massage at The Fountain Spa in Ramsey and Hackensack, NJ. They offer both one- and two-hour sessions, along with couples’ massages, giving you the opportunity to choose the right one for your needs. To learn more about your options, visit them online, and call (201) 327-5155 to schedule an appointment today. 

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