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3 Benefits of the Dental Assistant Program at Mandl September 19, 2017

Theater District, Manhattan
3 Benefits of the Dental Assistant Program at Mandl, Manhattan, New York

If you’ve always aspired to work in dentistry or are looking to enter the health care industry, you may be considering a career as a dental assistant. As the right hand to the dentist, this role involves interacting with patients in a professional setting while fulfilling various duties around the clinic or hospital. Located in New York, NY, Mandl School, The College of Allied Health is the city’s premier accredited school offering associate degrees in a wide range of fields. Below, they share some of the benefits of choosing their dental assistant program.

Why You Should Select the Dental Assistant Program at Mandl

1. Accredited & License Qualifying

dental assistantThe dental assistant program at Mandl school offer the proper credits you need to qualify for a license in the field. Unlike many other schools that provide an unreliable education, to graduate from Mandl, you need to fulfill the educational requirements that will train you in every aspect of the industry.

2. Hands-On Training

Textbooks and lectures can only get you so far in a field that requires more active experience. Mandl offers hands-on training in clinics and dental offices, which cover all the skills you need to be a valuable dental assistant.

3. Amazing Career Opportunities

Dental assistants can be employed in a wide variety of places, such as dental clinics, hospitals, and public health departments. You will learn how to adapt to the varied settings, so you can choose which path is right for you following your graduation.

If you’re ready to get started on the road to becoming a dental assistant, contact Mandl School, The College of Allied Health at (212) 247-3434 for information about their admissions process. They accept financial aid and offer career development services to help students find a job after graduation. Visit their website for more information to learn about their range of offerings. 

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